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POE Lighting

Often overlooked, POE Lighting is becoming a strong feature-filled money saving solution in the workplace:

  • Extremely easy to install with reduced cost, and a potential of up to 90% energy savings over traditional lighting

  • Being a low-voltage power option, typically less than 60 volts, installations don’t require conduit or metal cladding

  • Colored lights and electronic displays can be programmed to alert building occupants in the event of an emergency

  • Daylight Harvesting (mimicking real-time daylight spectrum), will further increase costs and productivity.

  • Tunable white lighting, choose how bright, how cool or how warm the light is instantaneously. All employees can do this independently for their office.

  • ​​Auto shutoff-schedules, energy usage, occupancy details and other sensor data available 24/7

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