Network Design and Implementation

NORCAL Network Design in Concord, CA

When confronted with a Network Design project, it is important to keep in mind the current needs of your organization as well as think about the future( and what expansions you may need to implement as your company grows). The backbone (Network) that your IT environment rests on is reliant on many systems and factors. It can be overwhelming to tackle such a specialized project on your own.
From selection of technology to meet your needs, to implementation of processes, make sure your Network is built to be Protected, Recoverable and Optimized.
Call NORCAL Voice and Data today and get set up on the track to IT Success.

A traditional Network Design methodology involves five layers of planning, namely:

  • Business planning
  • Long-term and medium-term network planning
  • Short-term network planning
  • IT asset sourcing
  • Network Management(Operations and Maintenance)

Each of these layers incorporates plans for different time horizons, i.e. the business planning layer determines the planning that the operator must perform to ensure that the network will perform as required for its intended life-span. The Operations and Maintenance layer (Network Management), however, examines how the network will run on a day-to-day basis.

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